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Departure Time Is Almost Here!

I’ve chosen to work through Sunday the 14th just to keep from going nuts waiting for Monday morning’s take off time, but I have to tell you I am still driving myself a bit crazy! LOL  The last 2 days were my days off, so I puttered around rearranging stuff in my cupboards and getting rid of even more stuff I have no clue why I had brought along in the first place, did up my laundry (though I’ll probably throw a small load in Sunday night again), got the van’s oil changed and tires aired up for hauling the trailer.  Just nit-picky little things that needed doing but didn’t exactly use up time or energy, and this morning, since its quite quiet here at work I printed out a few more detailed maps of my route and locations of RV Parks along the way to Mesa.  At lunch today I will return my last library books and say goodbye to the librarian whom I’ve come to know during the course of the summer, already dropped in at the bank to say goodbye to those gals, and stopped at the Candy Shoppe for a last treat of homemade truffles and fudge (not that I really needed either! LOL)

In general, I have done nothing to speed time along or make it slow down depending on what angle I am looking at time from at any given moment! LOL  One side of me says it is taking forever for Monday to arrive so I can begin the next chapter of my “working retirement”, the other side is saying quite the opposite……..Time is racing along and soon I will be driving away from all the wonderful new friends I have made, even if it is only for 7 months.  I think I may have mentioned before that I may be back next May, and again I may not if another more enticing offer comes my way heading me more towards the east.

Before I do leave here though, Tricia and I are going to create another memory for me.  This town used to be very active; logging mills, etc. but over time most all that has shut down leaving behind a very interesting history for those who care to read up on it and another wonderful piece of history that’s still alive…. It’s now called the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train and is available to any who care to make a 3 hour trip back into time on Mt. Shasta.  The train cars are restored vintage cars, the dinners are prepared by gourmet chefs; and Tricia and I are going to be on that train Saturday night (the 13th).  We’ve been planning on doing this for some time, but with the summer season being rather hectic it kind of just hung around in the back of our brains as an idea that we would try and make happen.

If you would like to take an imaginary trip along with us, or make plans to come to the area someday to enjoy this wonderous piece of history for yourself, click on their website  and sit back for a wonderful ride, to say nothing of a delicious meal.  I’m having “Cranberry Stuffed Chicken” and Tricia is going to have their “Moroccan Spring Lamb”.  We also get to enjoy both the daylight hours when I can get some nice pictures and the night hours where all will be bathed in carriage lights mounted on the cars. 

I don’t think I could ask for a more special treat for ending my first adventure as a full-time rv’er, do you?

Well, things are picking up a tiny bit here in the office, so I think I better sign off for now.  Will try and get pix posted soon after my ride on the Dinner Train.


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