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Almost There!!!!!!!!

I arrived in Wickenburg, AZ. yesterday afternoon and found a most delightful rv park called Desert Cypress off the highway tucked in behind a McDonald’s’ and Subway on a little street called Jack Burden Rd.  If I hadn’t stopped and asked a couple places for directions (its in the city limits so they can’t post a sign along the road to give you a heads up) I would have probably given up looking for it and gone on down the road and then cussed for being so tired and not having a place to stay without going the extra 2 hours or so into Mesa.  Having gotten to the right place I also chose to stay here 2 nights as I am not expected in Mesa until tomorrow and I needed the rest.  This beautiful little park is a real haven (I normally can’t nap during the day for any reason, but just woke from a 2 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon! LOL). If ever you find yourself near it, go ahead and check them out.  One thing to remember though, it is a 55+ park, so if you are younger than that you may not be so lucky as I was.  It never hurts to ask though if you are just looking for an overnight parking space, does it?  Jim and Jeri may be able to help you out, though this also is a normal “snowbird” park, so should fill up again here in the next few weeks.  Luckily I am ahead of the crowd, so I got a nice little pull-thru once again.  Pull-thru sites are few and far between in most parks I’ve noticed in some of the rv park directories when it comes to areas like Arizona.  Not having to unhitch or back in for short layovers is a real blessing in my eyes and once more I did get lucky in that respect.  My space is right next to the office and just a short walk down the street from the washroom.  Handy for me as I didn’t want to mess with more than the electric hook-ups.  Tomorrow in Mesa will be soon enough for attaching to all the comforts of home again.

Being I’m still tired from such a quick trip, I won’t go into the details of all I saw along the way, or tips I have learned from others for making my travels more enjoyable yet.  I need to be able to think before I try writing all of that! LOL  So, check back in a few days, okay?  I will write, I promise.


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