Photos – California

Well, I did promise I would try and post some pix.  Not sure how this will go as I haven’t done it before!

Not being a photographer I keep forgetting I have to charge my camera now and again, so the pix I hope appear here are from Tricia and a gal who took a pix of the two of us together up at the Lavender Farm.

The first one is my little house on wheels, sitting in it’s current home site at McCloud Dance Country RV Park.

The second is of Tricia and myself, I’m standing.

The third one is myself sitting on the fountain at the lavender farm.

The fourth is of a little lizard Tricia spotted sunning himself on a rock in the middle of the lavender fields.  It wasn’t at all disturbed by us, just sat there while she clicked a couple of different views of it.

And the last one is of the Lavender Farm Maze, hence the curve to the rows.

Having not posted pix before, you can tell I had no clue how to really position them! lol  A lot has to do with the shape of the picture I found out.


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    Glenda said,

    Kathy, it was good to here from you. Your pictures of the lavender fields are beautiful. I want to thank you for letting me link to your blog. I really appreciate any help I can get. So your on the road again. I’ve never been to Mesa, AZ, but it is probably very nice during the winter months. Good luck there and have a great time.
    I will check back later.

  2. 2

    mtrver said,

    It’s good to hear from you again, Glenda! And, yep, won’t be long till I am back on the road! Scares me in some ways, and in others it just thrills me no end. Having to drive thru Nevada while it is still hot makes me worry a bit about over heating the van, but I’ll deal with that if and when it happens.
    I haven’t been on Hwy. 95 in over 20 years, so am really looking forward to seeing that area again. And, Mesa in the winter just has to be more enjoyable than the below Zero temps of Montana that I have left behind! LOL
    I do have to remember to charge the camera batteries before I head out….
    Take care and I’ll be looking forward to your visits again!

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