I Have Arrived!

Yep, I really did arrive, yesterday afternoon, in fact! Tried to get online last evening but didn’t have a whole lot of luck so decided to try again today.

So, to my travels update…..

DS, DDIL, grandsons and I took off Thursday afternoon, though it was supposed to be a whole lot earlier than that (my propane furnace decided once again to start misbehaving, so DS took the trailer to Butte on Wed. to have it worked over and had to run in again on Thur. morning to pick it up). Anyway, we did finally take off, with grandma and youngest grandson as her companion leading the way. We bucked quite a bit of wind which was not too pleasant, to say the least, but made it to our rv park in Twin Falls, ID. just after dark started setting in. I had changed companions somewhere along the way, oldest one was with me at the time we landed for the night. You should have seen the sunset we enjoyed the last few miles before parking! It just was too beautiful to describe, but no, I did not stop to take a pix, darn it! There will be more as time goes on, so I’ll hopefully get some of the best of them to share.

Well, you know how night goes, people sleep, so not anything to really report on for my first night of my sojourn into a early “working retirement”.

The next day started off beautifully, sun was shining, not much wind and we actually got on the road in a timely manner…………………….Except! LOL Well, you know when I am involved not all will go smoothly! LOL The evening before DDIL programmed a stop at Wal-Mart into the GPS system (her name is Lola), but we changed our minds about going there so early in the day. Well, not being too adept with the GPS programming yet, when they told me of the change in plans, I just said okay. No one realized that I didn’t know I had to poke Lola’s screen in a couple of places to remove the command for directions to Wal-Mart, so again with youngest grandson as companion, we proceeded towards the overpass and on-ramp amongst a bunch of traffic that separated the two rigs we were driving. They went first, I went when I could and paid close attention to the directions given me by Lola. Not a good idea!!!!!!!!! Lola took dgs and I onto the Interstate to go about 6 miles up the road to Wal-Mart, while DS, DDIL and the rest of the family went across the overpass towards Twin Falls. Yoikes! I figured out in a rather short time that we had not stayed with them for some reason, so I tried calling via walkie-talkie, with no results. That told me we were at least 2 miles apart, so I grabbed the cell phone and finally got hold of them and found out I was definitely not headed the right direction! LOL Well, being it was Interstate that meant I still had to continue down to the exit for Wal-Mart just so I could run over the overpass and down the ramp headed back towards Twin Falls. DS had pulled over outside of town, so it wasn’t long before we caught up with them and got headed down Highway 93 towards Wells, NV.

My second blooper for the day occurred on that stretch of highway 93 just outside of Twin Falls area. We stopped at some little town to gas up and I forgot just how much space I really needed to make my turns without trying to take out posts near the pumps. Yep, I got stuck between a rock and a hard spot! LOL DS was a bit perturbed when he had to come and back me out of that one! LOL I have learned since then to assess before I drive in, though I could have sworn I was already doing just that!

Well, the winds had been picking up considerably as we continued our journey towards Interstate 80 out of Wells, by the time we were actually on interstate I felt like I had been beaten to within an inch of my life. The winds were slamming from any direction they chose, so DS took the lead and slowed to speeds that were more in keeping with my mini-van, trailer and the winds and so we continued till just outside of Winnemucca, NV. Since I had the GPS system it was decided I should lead us the last few miles to the campground, so off we went and found that we were in a really nice rv park early enough to set up and relax a bit before looking for dinner. None of us were really up to cooking since the winds had beaten us so throughly for so long. We covered just at 300 miles that day and having covered almost that same amount the day before, relaxing was really the newest order of the day.

Our meal was fantastic! We ate at a Basque restaurant and then headed to Winnemucca’s Wal-Mart to get a few odds and ends I needed. Top of the list was an electric space heater so I would not have to wonder all night long whether the propane heater was going to keep me warm. It really does amaze me how the temps in NV. can change! It was a glorious 68 to 70 degrees during the day, even with the winds, but once night fell the temps did, too. Went down into the 30s’ and the wind kept blowing. Ugh!

The next morning was time for us to part ways…. Kind of scary for me, but I also knew I could do this, or else I had made the wrong decision about traveling. We parted ways and I headed into the winds again, though they were not as bad yet as they had been the day before. Lola and I weren’t much company for each other (she only talks when she tells me where to go), but when I realized I had her I didn’t feel quite so alone. Oh, I forgot to mention, the van also is now called Lola, that happened when youngest dgs and I took our little side trip the day before. I was talking thru my nerves of having lost my way when Sammy and I realized I was talking to the car by the same name they had given the GPS system! LOL So, I have Lola the guide and her sister Lolita, who answers to Lola! LOL Dumb, huh?!! It works though, so now I only have to figure out a name for my little house on wheels. That will come in time.

Anyway, both Lola’s and I made really good time as we continued our travels. 55 was my top speed for the most part since the winds kept trying to lift the front of the van or bash us from one side or the other. Plans had been put in place for me to stop in Fernley, NV., so I wouldn’t have to go into Sparks or Reno, but I just couldn’t give up once I reached there. It was only 3:30 or so and dusty! Poor folks are still recovering from a flood that had gone thru some time before and turned the town into a dust bowl. Not wanting to eat more dust I headed towards Sparks and found a lovely truckstop to pull into. I puttered in the trailer for a bit and then decided to go into the store. Dummy me asked if it was okay to stay there as I was rather tired, only to be told no. Policy was in place for no rv parking anywhere near the the trucks, so I found myself back on the road………..

Lola did tell me there were a couple of rv parks in the area, but I was a bit leery of trying to find my way, even with her help, so I headed up the road and asked at a gas station if I could pull over for the night. Again got a no answer, but it was suggested I go up a couple more exits and try at the gas station there as they had a bigger parking lot. Well, DDIL called just as I pulled in there and helped me walk thru programming Lola to take me to the rv park back down the road instead as the temps really started dropping all of a sudden and I knew I would be cold if the propane heater should stop working (it loves to behave when I’m awake, but go to sleep with me for some reason unknown to anyone at this point!) where I spent a terrific night sleeping after having gone in circles several times to find the place. Seems there is a lot of new construction going on in the area and road crews had thrown up road closed signs everywhere Lola told me to turn! LOL A real human ended up pointing me back to the corner that would actually take me to the entrance to the place, bless his heart!

So, now we have arrived at yesterday. The winds were rather gentled when I decided to hit the road about 9 a.m., so over this humongous hill we climbed on Hwy. 395 going to Susanville, Ca. I wasn’t sure if I only wanted to putter my way the last couple hundred miles of my trip or just drive on thru to Mc Cloud, so we had set Lola to think I had several destinations instead of just Mc Cloud. She gets rather mouthy if you don’t do as she tells you and will go out of her way to try and make you turn around and go back to the straight route of getting from point A to point B until you either shut her off a bit or get well beyond her last point of reference so she can re-orientate herself. Susanville was a nice little community, but I had not been on the road long enough to decide to take a break for the day, so off for Mc Cloud we headed! The drive was delightful, thanks to the driving laws of Ca. When on back roads, at least, you can’t go over 55 if you are towing anything, so I puttered along enjoying the view knowing full well I had no pressure on me to keep my speed up. Others passed me or followed as they chose and still I puttered up hill and down. Yep, once I got out of Susanville the road turned into the loveliest of roller coasters! LOL Not big hills, just up and down like you were paddling thru the tide, until I almost ran myself off the road when I got my first glimpse of Mt. Shasta! Oh my word! What a mountain! She was half covered in clouds due to a weather front that is currently driving everyone nuts, but she still took my breath away! This mountain I will live in the shadow of for the next 5 months most happily! The whole area is covered in pine trees and the rv park is nestled right in them, truly heaven on earth.

For now I have bent your eyeballs and ears enough, so I’m off to do some exploring. I did meet the manager, Tricia, when I arrived (we went to Mt. Shasta town for dinner and a bit of grocery shopping), but she pointed out so many neat places I want to check out on my own that I think I will have lots to wander thru in the next few months.  I have a feeling working with her is going to be sheer delight!


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  1. 1

    Melinda said,

    Kaytu – what a great post. You are well on your way to your new life/career and I love reading about it. Please post often and get a camera so we can see where you are at.

  2. 2

    Rickie said,

    I feel like I was right there with you and both Lolas. Thanks for the ride and the very best luck at your new job and adventure, Kaytu.
    Hugs, Rickie

  3. 3

    mtrver said,

    Thank you both for your enjoyment of my ramblings! I do promise to dig out the camera, because there really is some beautiful scenery to be recorded around here, as there will be wherever I go.
    And, as you can tell, I will continue to post! LOL I’m having a grand time keeping up with myself thru this blog.

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