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Wyoming, Montana and now………..TEXAS!!!!!!!!!

Of course anyone who just read the answer to my cousin Carole knows that I AM in Texas now and have been for much of a year!  Doesn’t seem possible that so much time has passed and so many miles have been covered by so many people in my life.

I did get to Montana in time for my daughter’s college graduation May of 2010.  Other than some extremely cold and unwelcome snow that late in the spring season it was wonderful to be there with her.  She now lives and works in Helena, MT near her father’s side of the family, so she has lots of uncles, aunts and cousins to be with when she has time.

Once her graduation was over I headed up to Whitefish for a couple of days before it was time to drive to Yellowstone….I loved seeing the young men my grandsons have become….Grandma’s grandbabies are most definitely not babies anymore!  Thankfully they still are willing to stop long enough to give me a hug and a kiss before taking off to do whatever it is that keeps them busy…

Yellowstone had snow too once I got down there.  In that instance it was to be expected, the elevation is nowhere near as low as it is here at sea level! LOL 

I spent the summer enjoying the wildlife of Yellowstone and a few trips around the park on my days off revisiting old “haunts” from those vacations of long ago, but most of the summer was spent dipping rock solid ice cream into cones for the hungry hoards of people who came from all around the world to visit Yellowstone.  Yes, I lived yet another dream!  Will I do it again?  Not likely as that scooping isn’t work meant for 59 year old females unless they are built like the Amazons of legends!!!!!!!  And, I’m not one of those amazonions!  But, that only means I can try other adventures with the travelling years I still have left in me, right???!!!!!!!  You bet it does!   LOL

Once summer was clipping along last year I realised I really needed to start looking for employment for this past winter….Texas became my state of choice after having met and worked with a number of folks from TX who were in Yellowstone at the same time I was.  Thanks to them I was able to narrow my search area to the gulf coast areas down near South Padre Island and up here near Corpus Christi.  Narrow my search did I say????!!!!!!!!!!  Boy, that’s the biggest understatement I’ve made in a while!  Within two weeks I had searched online for parks that appealed to me and were of a size likely to be in need of a Workkamper with my qualifications.  As a result of that searching I sent out over 100 emailed versions of my resume and then hoped for the best. 

Well, in the meantime our economy went totally into the toilet and no one with a job was willing to let go of it for fear of having nothing else to fall back on until another job came their way.  For many workkampers this was almost a dealth knell tolling.  Many workkampers are retired and have some savings or at least Soc. Security benefits to help them over the rough times, but many of us are people with no other means of support.  We have chosen to be nomads and relied on the good Lord to help us provide for ourselves as the seasons roll along; and suddenly all chances of surviving became less reliable.  My son and daughter-in-law told me that I could come stay with them for the winter, taking whatever job I might find, if all else failed.  I knew that was not what I was supposed to do, but was most grateful to know that I had a back up plan if needed, until even that fell through.  That’s another story and one that I don’t want to think of anymore, just understand that it was not my family who wanted me out of that back up plan but outsiders who had some say in how the family lived their own lives…  Boy, I just confused even myself with that line of “non-speak”! LOL

Anyway, once I was finished at Yellowstone for the season, I headed back up to see the family and regroup a bit for a couple of weeks.  One day, out of the clear blue sky I received a phone call from a very dear friend of mine in TX.  Tricia and I actually met in Calif. the 1st year I went on the road.  She was the manager of the park where I worked!  We have always kept in touch, rather spottily at times but we’ve always had a feel for how the other was doing and she knew something was wrong in my life, so she grabbed the phone instead of dropping me an email.  Upshot of her call, I headed for TX safe in the knowledge that I would be staying with her until a job came through.  I had a few offers, some of them very hopeful, some of them so pathetic the people who called me should have been ashamed of even thinking of trying for a slave, which what they wanted.  Sorry, I need to make money to eat on so I can keep working just like everyone else does! LOL  So, I started another odessey in late September of 2010.  And, somewhere along the way, two things changed that I brought me to where I so happily am today.

You have to understand one thing first….  Montana is 2500 miles from Corpus Christi, TX….. No one pulling a trailer does that kind of journey overnight, it takes about a week since you can’t travel as the “crow flies”.  I loved seeing old territories and new places as I travelled towards my unknown future.  Funniest of all though came to me as I driving towards what I was originally thinking of as my winter destination.  I went from going to visit TX to moving to TX.  About ran myself off the road when I realised what I had just told myself!  But, I also knew it was true.  For some reason and by some means not yet known to me I was going to MOVE to TX to be safe in these economically challenging times.  Now, you have to understand something about me.  I am not a really religous person in that you won’t find me sitting in a church pew every Sunday morning BUT I do believe in God and rely on HIM to not let me get into too much trouble as I putter through life.  Sometimes I can behave myself and totally trust Him, other times I falter and try and take back control for myself.  Thank goodness He understands we are rather stubborn creatures and just sort of shakes His head and waits till we are ready to pay attention to Him again, because He does usually have a pretty good plan for us but we tend to get impatient so we create grief for ourselves that we shouldn’t.

Okay, so you all know I’m as stubborn as the next person and I get scared like everyone else when we feel our lives have gotten off the track.

Thanks to Tricia, I had something of a plan handed back to me, so I just held on to that steering wheel and prayed that I was doing the right thing.

2000 miles or so after I started my trip to TX I had to stop and call Tricia for final directions to the little city she lives in.  Having been travelling so long through areas where there is no cell service, I did like anyone else does and kept the phone off until I stopped.  Well, low and behold, I had a voice mail message waiting for me.  Nope, it wasn’t from Tricia wondering where I might be in my travels, it was a very sweet voiced young woman named Michele offering me a job!  Yep, the good Lord knew what he was doing when He turned my life into a bit of a twisted mess!!!  After listening to the message twice, and screeching with hope and relief in the truck I finally calmed down enough to call Tricia and ask for directions and to warn her I needed to make a call as soon I got in.  She was over the moon with me, so 30 minutes later, after sharing hugs I called Michele to find that she was looking for a front desk person not only for the winter season, but as a year round position if I should happen to be interested!  Me.. interested???!!!!!!!!!  I was totally overwhelmed with relief and joy!!  The plan was for me to come down about 3 weeks later so I could train before winter season got into full swing.  Thank goodness I had already become familiar with the type of work needed, it made things much easier for all of us for the most part.  I had three weeks of fun with Tricia and deepening our friendship even more as we laughed and cried over how things had happened to each of our lives since we last actually stood next to each other in Calif. and then I headed down through Dallas, Austin and San Antonio to arrive in Corpus the last week or so of Oct. 2010.

And, so, now I’ve been here for much of 9 months and can’t believe it has been anywhere near that amount of time.  For quite a while I worked 4 days and had 3 days off in a row each week, now I’ve added another half day to my schedule and am even happier.  While 3 days off is a nice thing, it gets boring after a while! LOL  I much prefer working 5 days and having a “weekend” like others do, even if mine happens to fall during the middle of the week.

I work with and for some truly great people and am only about 500 miles from friend Tricia.  She came down for a week in March and the hope is that I can work in some spare days off next yeat so I can go see her for a day or so before possibly flying off to see the family for a few days.  Oh, that’s another thing that has changed recently.  Dear son, daughter-in-law and grandsons have moved to Alaska.  My heart is with them even though I can’t be there at this point.  Their winters are going to be as nasty as the ones in Montana and I just don’t want to suffer through with the cold and aching joints.  Being able to visit them during the summer of this coming year or the next one would be my best bet.

As for what I have explored here in TX so far…  Well, the Gulf of Mexico for one!  I actually stood in it in November! LOL  Not what happens in MT at that time of the year!  I’ve watched dolphins leap and dance as they “lead” ships thru the channel between Corpus Christi and Port Aransas.  I drove around and around the Alamo one day on my way down here, but couldn’t find a good place to park for blocks around as I had the trailer behind me, so one day I will head up there to visit it and go on the Riverwalk near it.  San Antonio is only about 150 miles from here.

I’ve made friends with a couple of gals here in the park, we shop together and have lunch out once a week and in general forget for an afternoon that we are not as young as we used to be.  All of us are crafters, so we have a lot in common with each other!

Life is quite grand for now and I am totally blessed to be where I am.

Thank you, Lord, and Trev and Kerry.  Without everyone of you I would not be living this “dream” of a lifestyle!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I’m Here Again!

Yep, made it down to Mesa on Saturday, and opened my office for the season on Tuesday, the 15th.  Been reacquainting myself with the scheduling I had set up last season and have gotten quite a few little “jobs” out of the way already.  Makes me feel better knowing that I am not so “green” on the job this time around because it has given me a chance to get ahead on some of the normal typing that seems to go along with putting out a newsletter each week of numerous months.

When I last dropped in here I was still in Hurricane, Ut., wasn’t I?

Well, I covered quite a bit of territory since then including a side trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!  Nice and cool up there and just as gorgeous as it was at the South Rim.  So, I have fulfilled one more of my life-long dreams by seeing this wondrous creation of nature from both rims.  If you’ve never been there, don’t wait any longer!  It is so breathtakingly beautiful!

Then I drove down through the Vermilion Cliffs of northern AZ.!  WOW!!!!!!!  What a sight!  Probably will have to go back to that area one day and use the camera! LOL  Yep, forgot all about taking pictures once again!  The cliffs are glorious and the boulders put my previous notion of boulders to shame!  These rocks were as big as a house!!  Prayed real hard for no earthquakes while I was traveling through there because I would not have wanted to be amongst those chunks of rock if they were on the move!  Amazingly, a lot of people live in the area, more power to them! LOL

Just got a call from my daughter in Montana, said she was out enjoying another of nature’s “light shows”, lightning once again in other words!  Glad I’m not there to see it, though it would be nice if AZ. would start cooling off a bit more.  Supposed to be about 75 degrees tonight and hover around the 100 degree mark again for the foreseeable future.

Well, have a few things to do before I can call it a night, so guess I better get in gear!

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Middle of August……..

And, I am waiting out the remainder of the summer safe and sound in Dillon, Mt.   Had a couple of minor problems on the trip back from South Dakota, but nothing that can’t be fixed easily at the local auto repair shop (they are multi-talented, so are able to repair the trailer) which entails a bit of electrical work as the “pigtail” from the trailer broke loose on the road and scraped itself raw and now needs replacing so that I have working lights on the trailer when I get back on the road.  Awful hard for people behind me to know I am braking or turning when the lights don’t work!! LOL  Besides, I don’t want to cause any accidents or get any tickets for this problem!

Just been hanging out here at the Dillon KOA, going to have company tomorrow as my dear grandsons are coming to visit and swim in the pool here at the rv park for the afternoon and then we’ll run back out to their house for the evening for a dinner prepared by my son!  Awesome cook, even when he thinks what he has prepared isn’t “right”!! LOL

Just felt like dropping in to say hi and let you all know I’m still kicking around!

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Change of Plans

Yep. I’ve made some changes that I feel are better for me in the long haul.  Day after tomorrow I’m heading back to Montana till its time to head down to Az. for the winter again.

I’ve had a darned good time for the most part these past three weeks, but therein is part of the problem.  I’ve only been gone three weeks and I’m about to go batty!  I’m so accustomed to working and staying busy as a result that this forced vacation stuff is not making me the happiest of campers.  Heck, I’ve seen places that I’ve not seen in 50 years, and am so thankful for the opportunity to have seen them again, or in the case of Crazy Horse Memorial (the first time). But, I would need to be hauling in major bucks to see all the other things there are to visit in western South Dakota, and that just isn’t happening right now.  There are caves, Black Hills Gold factories, theme parks and all sorts of other stuff to visit, but I just can’t afford to.

So, still being within 750 miles or so of western Montana, I’m going back to where I can just stop and wait out the rest of summer and visit family in the process.

I’m not parking in the kids driveway though, will actually be in a small KOA campground in Dillon, which is only 20 miles from the kids, so it will be easy to run out any time they aren’t otherwise occupied and at the same time will still give me some space to call my own here in my little house on wheels and them the space they deserve in their own home.

One day I will get back to Nebraska and Colorado, just not right now.

My son and I are going to try and plot me a slightly different route down to AZ. while I’m over near them.  If all goes as hoped, I may be seeing more of Idaho and some of Utah and less of my old route through Nevada, just depends on what kind of large hills might get in the way of the van hauling this trailer over then! LOL

When we know, I’ll let you all know!

TATA for now!

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I’m Back!!!!!

From the Badlands!  Yep, I decided yesterday that I wanted to take a ride, so about 2 in the afternoon (and didn’t get back here till 9 p.m.) I headed down the road thinking that I might go back towards Mt. Rushmore and actually visit Crazy Horse…. But, I just wanted to drive and not get out of the van unless I really felt like hopping out, so down the road I went.

Drove thru Sturgis which is gearing up for Biker Week and I mean they are gearing up!  Tent stores set up with thousands of t-shirts and other stuff to appeal to biker fans who will be flocking to this area within the next week.

Not being a biker, I passed on checking out the goodies and headed on down towards Rapid City where I knew I had to decide just where I was going.

Seeing more and more Wall Drugstore signs as I went, I knew it was time to hit the Badlands!

Last time I was thru them it was late evening in March (20 years ago) so I didn’t see much at the time.  Yesterday was a whole different matter.  If you have never been there, you have got to go!  Not only does it look like a moonscape but the National Grasslands add their own appeal to the area.  The views were breathtaking!

To think that the last time I really saw any of the views offered was 50 years ago just blows my mind!  Just wish a family member was still around for me to pin down the actual year I saw all the wonders of western South Dakota and Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, but I just have to be content with the knowledge that it was when I was between 5 and 7 years of age, I guess.

Since I was near Wall Drug, I did stop in to look around there, too.  I remember stopping there with my brother 20 years ago though we had only popped in for a few minutes, but I have to tell you…….  Nothing seems to have changed! LOL  That place is a great tourist “trap” and well worth stopping by to see!

Well, I have to do some laundry and a few dishes and get myself into town for an oil change, so I guess I’ll hop off till the next time!

Since I am only here in South Dakota for another week, I know I’ll be popping in again before then.  Crazy Horse still awaits!

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Living a life of “1sts”….

Yep, that just about says it all!

I haven’t updated my blog in ages, have I?

Well, that’s about to change!  Don’t say I haven’t warned you all!

The reason I’ve decided to stop and share a bit more of what I have been up to of late…..  Speaking to a dear friend for the 1st time in almost a year.  She called today and it came back to me that I really have been so busy making a new life for myself that I haven’t kept up with my past in some time.  So, thanks, Marilyn, for digging me out again!

Things have gone from stupendous to super superb as the past months have flown by. And, the months have flown!  I’ve been in Mesa over 4 months now, though it only seems like I arrived a few days ago.

The rv resort, Orangewood Shadows is gorgeous!  The orange, lemon and grapefruit trees are loaded with fruit, much of it just about ready for picking and enjoying. (Actually, these trees are such a delight to the eye that they remind me of beautifully decorated Christmas trees).  Some of the different types of oranges are already ripened (Navals being one of my most favorite of choices) and the lemons and both red and yellow grapefruit.  I’ve had plenty of all to eat as I wait for the Valencias on my tree to finish ripening next month. Not only have I enjoyed the fruits themselves, but I’ve been learning about those glorious fruits most of us have only found in supermarkets.   Honestly, I always bought oranges when they were on sale, so never bothered to learn which breeds were likeliest to not have seeds or to have the least seeds of the breeds available. Nor which were tastiest as an eating fruit versus those that make a delightful glass of fresh squeezed juice.  I’m learning though and totally thrilled by what I have learned!

I do have to tell you of my special Christmas gift……..  Yeah, it has to do with oranges so read on if you care to.

When I arrived here all of the trees had what looked to me to be ripe or almost ripe fruit on them, I was rather bummed when I learned how wrong I had been in this assumption as nothing had reached the stage where I could stop and pick my first “fresh from the tree” orange.  Well, patience is a virtue (so they tell me) and one that is usually rewarded with time.  So, I watched these trees and dreamed of when I would be able to experience what seems to me to be the ultimate delight of living in such an area as Arizona at this time of the year.  Okay, on with my story…..  About a week before Christmas I was again hopping out of my car by “my” orange tree when I realized that one of the oranges was looking different from all the rest I could see.  I don’t know how to describe it, but it was more orange looking than the rest, like it had put on a special glow to get my attention.  I went up and looked at it, compared it to the fruits around it and even gave it a gentle squeeze.  It had no green tint in its skin as the others did, it was brighter in color than all the rest…….Most of all, it “gave” a bit when I squeezed it.  Knowing the fruit was not to ripen any time soon I gave up my inspection and came into my little house on wheels for the night.  Each day leading up to Christmas Eve I did stop and visit that orange as it continued to draw my eye to it time and time again.  Each day I was sure that my desire to pick an orange outweighed what that orange was telling me, so I stepped away and just prayed I was not being totally silly with my belief that that orange was going to be a special gift to me soon.  I finally had to give that orange what to me was one last test on Christmas Eve day, shortly before sundown.  I went up to it (wouldn’t you know it was right at my eye level) and after telling that little orange what I had in mind, I reached out and gave a very gentle tug on it.  I had promised myself that if it didn’t come away easily I would leave it alone, but if it did come away it would be my Christmas orange the next day.  Well, I ate my orange for breakfast the next morning after having it almost fall off the tree into my hand.  I was so stunned that it had come away and so easily, that I just stood there in wonder for several minutes.  I was given the most precious (to myself anyway) of gifts for the most special day of the year, I was totally amazed and still am for that matter!  My 1st picked by myself orange!  What a treasure and what a blessing!  Since then not another orange has fully ripened on that tree, though in a month they should all be ready for picking, and I’ll be here waiting not only to enjoy them myself, but to share with many of the wondrous people I have come to know in this park.

Okay, as it says in the heading, I’m living a life of 1sts; the orange is just one of many I have experienced.  I made my 1st trip pulling my little house totally unescorted by family members this past fall when I moved from N. Calif. down here to Az.  I’ve spent my 1st winter ever in an area where I didn’t need a winter coat for even a few days of the season (when I was young I spent one winter in S. Calif. but still needed a warm coat as I lived near the ocean and the breezes got pretty cool), here I’ve only put on a light fleece jacket a couple of mornings.  I experienced my 1st Thanksgiving and my 1st Christmas totally away from my own flesh and blood, even if we didn’t have many chances to share holidays when we lived nearer each other.  I thoroughly loved having about a hundred and fifty friends to share those meals with as we have the holidays here in the park for all who care to join in on not only the eating, but also the cooking of our meals.

I’ve learned to be more comfortable speaking into a microphone (I host a coffee (another 1st) every Thursday morning to any of the residents who care to come for donuts, coffee and an update of events happening in the park each week).  When I first arrived I was tickled to see about 38 people come out to meet me, imagine my surprise when after the holidays were over I suddenly found myself facing over 200 people at one time! That was quite a 1st!!! LOL  I had been warned, and yes, the numbers attending had grown considerably as the park began filling, but the numbers doubled overnight with the 1st of the new year!  I had been told the mike was necessary when the hall began to fill.  Silly me, I really didn’t think the hall would ever fill enough that just raising my voice wouldn’t carry to everyone there!!!  Well, I have been using the mike, like it or not,  I am a person who talks with her hands and that darned thing kept running away from my face for a while when I lifted the hand holding it for whatever I was trying express.  I’ve learned to just walk around the room instead! LOL  No one knows where I’ll pop up next as I yak on that thing, but I would never be able to have them all hear me without my mechanical aide.

More 1sts…….  I’ve been to live dinner theatre shows, to theatre in the round (also live), I’ve driven the Apache Trail…….  Not planning on ever doing that again! LOL  Been there, done that!

For those of you who do not know of this particular road, I recommend not driving it if you are at all afraid of heights or mountainous gravel roads that seem to go on forever even when the signs assure you that its only 22 miles of gravel!  I will never drive that one again!  Oops, I believe I have said that more than once! LOL  Sorry about that, but that 1st was definitely a one time only for me!  I drove through the Superstition Mountains!  Not through them actually, but up them and down them and all around some of them!!!  What a trip!  Thinking it would only take 3 hours or so, imagine my shock to find myself and a new friend driving for more than 5 and a half hours, in a “loop” of a road, to still be more than an hour from Mesa by the time we had made that much of the trip!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m delighted I made the trip as I got to visit the Goldfield Ghost Town and even stopped at Tortilla Flats for a bit of a break and I even got to see the Roosevelt Dam after a couple of hours driving……..But, I discovered there was nothing on the rest of that trip that would ever make me feel I had “missed out”  if I had never seen it that time!! LOL  Yoikes!!  What a “hairy” road that one was for a mini-van!   Dorothy from  the “Wizard of Oz” had it right though when she said her very famous line.  “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…….”  Even if home moves with me whenever I travel to another location to work!!!  I was most happy when I pulled into my driveway that night! LOL

I’ve experienced what is reputedly the largest flea market in this country that remains open nearly year round and for the most part is considered to be an outdoor market.  Housed in at least 4 huge Quonsets the sides of the buildings are open to the elements (though the folks who rent the spaces usually hang tarps to act like a back wall in their space and keep out the sun, or rain when we happen to get some).  In these buildings people come every weekend and set up shop selling whatever you could possibly want to buy.  I got my 1st Arizona Dirt shirt there (dyed with the orange dirt of this state), totally “cool” to know that the rich reddish orange dirt is so full of iron that it can stain a shirt the way it does.  I’ll keep that shirt for years just to remind myself of the vibrant colors to be seen wherever you look around here.

I’ve also gotten used to dealing with total strangers for setting up entertainers to come to this park on a weekly basis to give their own “live” shows to our residents.  We have seen all kinds of acts so far, with many more to come before the end of season, and even more to come as my office sets up dates for next year.  I can’t wait to see how those shows appeal as most of them are my own choices!  I quake in my sandals whenever I wonder if I have chosen right or whether my “take” on the people here is wrong.  Guess I’ll have my answers beginning this coming fall!!!

While I haven’t yet made my 1st trip to the Grand Canyon I will be going in the next couple of months…  Oh how I am looking forward to that day and that stupendous creation of nature!!!!!!!  Maybe I’ll even remember to take some pictures when I’m there, I usually forget the camera so far! LOL

I could go on and on, each day presents me with yet another 1st, but its’ getting late and I’ve either kept your attention too long or lost you completely………..Still I  had to share more of the wonders my new life has brought me!

I almost forgot the most important 1st…………  My little house on wheels celebrated its 1st birthday in the family this month!  This time last year my DS and DDIL found this little snug beauty for me in Butte, Mt. !!  Okay, I won’t have lived in her for a a full year till the middle of March but that’s just around the corner time-wise! LOL

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Departure Time Is Almost Here!

I’ve chosen to work through Sunday the 14th just to keep from going nuts waiting for Monday morning’s take off time, but I have to tell you I am still driving myself a bit crazy! LOL  The last 2 days were my days off, so I puttered around rearranging stuff in my cupboards and getting rid of even more stuff I have no clue why I had brought along in the first place, did up my laundry (though I’ll probably throw a small load in Sunday night again), got the van’s oil changed and tires aired up for hauling the trailer.  Just nit-picky little things that needed doing but didn’t exactly use up time or energy, and this morning, since its quite quiet here at work I printed out a few more detailed maps of my route and locations of RV Parks along the way to Mesa.  At lunch today I will return my last library books and say goodbye to the librarian whom I’ve come to know during the course of the summer, already dropped in at the bank to say goodbye to those gals, and stopped at the Candy Shoppe for a last treat of homemade truffles and fudge (not that I really needed either! LOL)

In general, I have done nothing to speed time along or make it slow down depending on what angle I am looking at time from at any given moment! LOL  One side of me says it is taking forever for Monday to arrive so I can begin the next chapter of my “working retirement”, the other side is saying quite the opposite……..Time is racing along and soon I will be driving away from all the wonderful new friends I have made, even if it is only for 7 months.  I think I may have mentioned before that I may be back next May, and again I may not if another more enticing offer comes my way heading me more towards the east.

Before I do leave here though, Tricia and I are going to create another memory for me.  This town used to be very active; logging mills, etc. but over time most all that has shut down leaving behind a very interesting history for those who care to read up on it and another wonderful piece of history that’s still alive…. It’s now called the Shasta Sunset Dinner Train and is available to any who care to make a 3 hour trip back into time on Mt. Shasta.  The train cars are restored vintage cars, the dinners are prepared by gourmet chefs; and Tricia and I are going to be on that train Saturday night (the 13th).  We’ve been planning on doing this for some time, but with the summer season being rather hectic it kind of just hung around in the back of our brains as an idea that we would try and make happen.

If you would like to take an imaginary trip along with us, or make plans to come to the area someday to enjoy this wonderous piece of history for yourself, click on their website  and sit back for a wonderful ride, to say nothing of a delicious meal.  I’m having “Cranberry Stuffed Chicken” and Tricia is going to have their “Moroccan Spring Lamb”.  We also get to enjoy both the daylight hours when I can get some nice pictures and the night hours where all will be bathed in carriage lights mounted on the cars. 

I don’t think I could ask for a more special treat for ending my first adventure as a full-time rv’er, do you?

Well, things are picking up a tiny bit here in the office, so I think I better sign off for now.  Will try and get pix posted soon after my ride on the Dinner Train.

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