About Me

“Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life!”

That has to be my second most favorite saying in the world!  Why?  Because it says what it means yet gives me a chance to start over and over whenever I want! LOL  Instead of getting stuck in the same rut, year after year, it allows me to change my life and not feel I am a failure at whatever I have tried in the past.    Each of those “days” have been “the 1st day of the rest of my life”.  Each segment of my life has been a learning experience, enjoyable or not. Each segment has lead me closer and closer to this newest chapter in my life, one that has to be THE most awesome one I will ever have the opportunity to encounter.

I am going on the road!!!!

No, I’m not going to become a long-haul trucker!

I’m going to travel the U.S. in a 19′ travel trailer pulled by a mini-van!

What you might ask –  are you doing that for?!!!??

Well, I’ve always wanted to travel to places I’ve only read about or seen on t.v., I’m a nut for American history and I just plain like a chance to try something new, something that will take me outside of my “comfort zone”, even if I am scared spitless just thinking of taking off this way. LOL

So, for the nuts and bolts of myself, should you just be stumbling into this site by accident.

I’m a single, 55 yr. old female who wants to become an rv’ing grandma!  I have 2 grown children and 3 of the most awesome grandsons in the world.  I used to work at a motel (worked the front desk) and now I want to take my skills on the road.

My son called it the way I like to think of it.  My “working retirement”.  I’m too young to retire, but I also know that if I don’t do this now, I won’t be able to when I reach retirement age.  So, I’m going to work my way across this country till I find myself a new place I want to call home, no matter how many years it takes to find that place.



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  1. 1

    Welcome to the world of blogging and to the next adventure of your life. I am looking forward to reading about your travels and experiences.

  2. 2

    Skye said,

    Greetings from Cold Montana,

    Where is our spring?? ..I enjoyed reading your blog and plan on enjoying what only some of us dream about..Do you like mysteries? Well, if you do try reading Sue Henry’s books about a granny in an RV..I love this mystery series..

    Enjoy!! I look forward to reading your updated journal entries..


  3. 3

    mtrver said,

    Skye, I meant to tell you sooner, I LOVE mysteries, so I will be looking for some of Sue Henry’s books! Sounds like my kind of lady! LOL
    Thanks bunches for the “heads up” and thanks to both of you for being the sweet friends you have become thru this wonder we call the Internet. I look forward to the day I can begin meeting some of my “sisters” in person.

  4. 4

    Glenda said,

    WOW!!! What an exciting adventure you are on. I know what you mean about Mt. Shasta. It is breathtaking. I have traveled highway 5 many time going to Oregon from California and I never tire of the view. Are you still there? My husband and I like to travel when we can get away and hope in four more years when he retires we do alot more. I enjoyed your link to the RV camp your at. I just started a blog site at bloggers.com called dusty’strail. Maybe we can link our blog sites. Let me know what you think of that. Please post again soon so we know how you are doing and post some pictures if you can.


  5. 5

    mtrver said,

    Glenda, I’m so glad you dropped in on my blog! And you’re right, I have started quite an adventure and am loving every minute of it, so far! LOL I checked out your site and am going to post a link in my blogroll for starters and then another under My Favorites. Please feel free to add mine to your site, I consider it quite a complement that you would like to exchange links with me.
    As for posting another note, I’ve been trying to do just that these past few days. Might get it done tonight, and it may be another day or two, but I will do an update, cause fall is coming and so are changes in my employment situation!!!! It’s good news, is all I’ll say for the moment! LOL

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