A Quilt Story Out of My Past………. Lesson Learned

Rag Quilt Hunting Trip

Ok, here goes the Rag Quilt story!!!!!!! Sorry, Rita, I did abuse the poor thing, but it was for a good cause!!! And, it didn’t hurt it one bit!!!!!!!!!! LOL

I had finished making the quilt during hunting season. Well, about two days later, my brother wanted to go out and see if he could get his deer. It had snowed very little, even in the mountains, so I said ok, though I would have rather stayed home! LOL

Because it was chilly out and my van doesn’t really warm up much when it is idling, I figured I should take a quilt along to wrap around my legs if we weren’t moving. So, I took the Rag Quilt! And, when I picked up my brother, I grabbed his Bull’s eye quilt for him…..

Well, we went up the river road, till we got into snow and ice on the road. Turned around and headed back the way we had come. No luck hunting. And, we hadn’t been out for very long, so I gave in and took him out the other direction from town.

We hit another road that we shouldn’t really have gone on, since I didn’t have snow tires on yet. (I have them now, though). Anyway, we drove along, very carefully, I might add. We knew this road, and knew that we were going to be coming upon a good turn around place shortly….. Haha….. I finally found a wide place in the road, and in turning, oh so carefully….

I got stuck……….

Sideways on the road, and with a blind corner in either direction from us. My brother and his wheelchair aren’t much help in troubles like that, so I tried backing us out. Got out and tried pushing us out, with my brother using the footrest from his wheelchair as a gas pedal pusher. No good. I needed something to give us traction. Nothing in the van like cat litter, sand or charcoal to put under the tires. Yep, you guess it! I “teared” up a bit, when I looked at my quilt, but I had to get us out of there! So, I poked it under the tire and climbed in. Hit the gas, and it did no good. Got out and found that the quilt had gone clean under the tire and out the other side! Not a mark on it, except for moisture!!!!!!!! LOL

Now, I was not laughing, believe me. We were stuck and I had used my lovely new quilt as a real rag!!!!!!!!! Got back in and we rocked and rocked that van till we almost wore ourselves out and I finally bounced on top of the rut. Hit the brakes and just sat there, shaking like a leaf, trying to figure out what to do next, without falling back into the same rut. We finally made it, without getting hit from either direction, and went home! LOL That was the end of hunting season for us!!!!!!!

The quilt????? It looks Marvelous!!!!!!!! You honestly cannot tell what it went thru!!!!!! Even if I did start to cry when I put it under there!

So, if you need a sturdy, but darling quilt for in your vehicles, make a Rag Quilt or two, just don’t get stuck and have to use it as a rag!!!


* And, if you want directions for making a Rag Quilt, there should be some good websites with the directions still on the Net.  Might also look under the name Shaggy Quilt.


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    mtrver said,



    Heck, I decided to find a couple of free pattern links for you!!!!
    If you make one, be prepared to make even more! LOL They are very addicting and make great gifts for kids of all ages……..

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