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I’m Here Again!

Yep, made it down to Mesa on Saturday, and opened my office for the season on Tuesday, the 15th.  Been reacquainting myself with the scheduling I had set up last season and have gotten quite a few little “jobs” out of the way already.  Makes me feel better knowing that I am not so “green” on the job this time around because it has given me a chance to get ahead on some of the normal typing that seems to go along with putting out a newsletter each week of numerous months.

When I last dropped in here I was still in Hurricane, Ut., wasn’t I?

Well, I covered quite a bit of territory since then including a side trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!  Nice and cool up there and just as gorgeous as it was at the South Rim.  So, I have fulfilled one more of my life-long dreams by seeing this wondrous creation of nature from both rims.  If you’ve never been there, don’t wait any longer!  It is so breathtakingly beautiful!

Then I drove down through the Vermilion Cliffs of northern AZ.!  WOW!!!!!!!  What a sight!  Probably will have to go back to that area one day and use the camera! LOL  Yep, forgot all about taking pictures once again!  The cliffs are glorious and the boulders put my previous notion of boulders to shame!  These rocks were as big as a house!!  Prayed real hard for no earthquakes while I was traveling through there because I would not have wanted to be amongst those chunks of rock if they were on the move!  Amazingly, a lot of people live in the area, more power to them! LOL

Just got a call from my daughter in Montana, said she was out enjoying another of nature’s “light shows”, lightning once again in other words!  Glad I’m not there to see it, though it would be nice if AZ. would start cooling off a bit more.  Supposed to be about 75 degrees tonight and hover around the 100 degree mark again for the foreseeable future.

Well, have a few things to do before I can call it a night, so guess I better get in gear!


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Finally……….. The summer is coming to a close!!

LOL  I know, most of you are groaning for that very reason, but for me it is a blessing.  I have been so bored this summer, just holding on for this time to finally arrive.

I’m down in Hurricane, UT. at the moment.  Left MT. yesterday and while I love my kids and grandkids, I sure am not so fond of MT.  The weather was nasty much of the season, rain and winds constantly driving everyone nuts and then the sheer lack of something truly productive to do.  I have gone back to working for my dear son and daughter-in-law a bit each month, but that’s working on the computer and doesn’t get me out of the house, so Mesa I am really looking forward to arriving at in the next few days!  Was planning on heading to Zion Natinonal Park and the north rim of the Grand Canyon tomorrow, but once again realized I driven farther already than I really needed to, so am going to see about staying here at Willow Winds RV Park again for another night.  Last week they were full, but this week they have a few empty spaces available, so even if I don’t get the same one I am in currently (right behind the shower/laundry house, lucky me!) then I won’t be far away.  I’d rather take showers on-site than mess with having to empty my shower out of the stuff I store there when traveling and then running hoses to get water in here, etc. all for only a night or two.  Too much hassle, I’ll save that for when I get down to Mesa!!!  Going to be nice just climbing out of bed and hitting the shower each morning instead of having to pull on enough clothes to go out in public to just undress, shower and then dress again! LOL

My biggest news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I don’t drive the mini-van anymore!  I’m buying my kids’ gorgeous red diesel Ford F-350 from them as they are going on the road again themselves!  This time it looks like the “itchy – foot” has set in permanently.  They put the house back on the market, have found a house-sitter for it and had a huge moving sale.  While they didn’t get rid of all they wanted to yet, they are to the point that they won’t be moving back into the house again out of guilt that it is sitting there empty.  They’ve “redded-up” their 5th wheel trailer and their black Ford F-350 Dually diesel and they are taking off tomorrow evening or Friday morning.  They are going to spend the fall in northern Ca. and then head down towards Mesa in Nov. or so to see me for a bit before heading East once again.  Looks like they are planning on spending spring in Maine and surrounds…..

So, no more mini-van for me, the truck has become my darling, even though I have only had her for a week or so.  My goodness, its amazing how much easier I can drive wherever I want! LOL  If I had tried shooting the length of Utah in the van, it probably would have overheated from climbing all of the hills out here in 90 degree temps.  The truck just ate the road up and I could use the air conditioning without a single worry! LOL  Oh, the kids used to call her “Mater” (tomato slang), but to me she is the RED BOMBE, cause she sure is a treat!

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