Middle of August……..

And, I am waiting out the remainder of the summer safe and sound in Dillon, Mt.   Had a couple of minor problems on the trip back from South Dakota, but nothing that can’t be fixed easily at the local auto repair shop (they are multi-talented, so are able to repair the trailer) which entails a bit of electrical work as the “pigtail” from the trailer broke loose on the road and scraped itself raw and now needs replacing so that I have working lights on the trailer when I get back on the road.  Awful hard for people behind me to know I am braking or turning when the lights don’t work!! LOL  Besides, I don’t want to cause any accidents or get any tickets for this problem!

Just been hanging out here at the Dillon KOA, going to have company tomorrow as my dear grandsons are coming to visit and swim in the pool here at the rv park for the afternoon and then we’ll run back out to their house for the evening for a dinner prepared by my son!  Awesome cook, even when he thinks what he has prepared isn’t “right”!! LOL

Just felt like dropping in to say hi and let you all know I’m still kicking around!


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