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Memorial Day Weekend

I wish you all could be here at the park with me, it is almost full for the beginning of the tourist season, even though it is raining like it does most Memorial Day weekends and I love it!

Actually, all of us who work here are getting a big kick out of seeing so many rv rigs in place inspite of the horrid gas prices everyone is having to deal with this year. 

We had most of 70 trailers and motorhomes come in just yesterday! LOL  Yep, it was a very busy day here on the desk, but with 3 of us manning different stations it worked very well inspite of the small office area we have now.  Last year the office was remodelled and while the office space shrank we did end up with a nice little store for our guests to pick up the odds and ends they forgot to bring along or hadn’t realized they might want.  Several have been in just this morning to make their purchases of catsup, pickles, cereal, etc.  Of course the kids have already been coming in to buy candy bars or to ask for fish food to feed the trout we have in our ponds (nope, no fishing allowed onsite, these are our pets! LOL), so even though the weather may not be the best, everyone seems to be trying to find ways to continue enjoying themselves.

Wow! I just looked out and it’s really raining now! Yoikes!  It had been a rather gentle rain, more like one of those cozy, curl up in a chair and read or quilt kind of rains, but now it is coming down almost “bucket load” fashion!  Well, I’m comfy here in the office and know that my little house on wheels is nice and dry, so it doesn’t bother me one bit.  And, I have a feeling the mushroom pickers are jumping up and down with joy right now since we hadn’t had any rain in the area since before I arrived here a month ago.  The mushrooms will be popping up all over!  Not that I plan on going out to pick any for myself, too much work to my way of thinking, but maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will come along looking for a buyer! LOL  If the price is right I wouldn’t mind a mess of morels to saute with my dinner one night!  Yum- yum!  Makes my mouth water just thinking about them! LOL  Also tells me it’s about lunch time, so I guess I’ll close for now so that when Tricia comes to cover for me I won’t be leaving this post just hanging around forgotten instead of posted.

But, do remind me to tell you about our frogs one of these times, okay???!!!!!!!!


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Fried Chicken???!!

I could swear I smell it and it is driving me nuts! LOL  The weather must have something to do with it, I guess.  Sun’s shining, temps are in the mid 70s, the birds are singing and the world just drives on past us here in the park for now.  But, I do smell fried chicken and I can’t figure out where it’s coming from! LOL  My coffee is chocolate flavored and I’m surrounded by pine trees……….  Isn’t a restaurant near-by that would be cooking it and I haven’t smelled any other foods that people across the highway from us have cooked these past weeks since I arrived here………  Oh well, I guess I am just going to have to head into Mt. Shasta City later on for fried chicken! LOL  I was planning on pan-fried trout for dinner tonight.  One of our guests caught his limit the other day, but was having to cut his weekend short, so he gave the fish to our grounds keeper who remembered hearing me say I love fish….  Bless Jimmy’s heart, he also remembered hearing me say that I don’t clean or behead fish, so before he even came near me with them, they were all cleaned for me.  Aren’t I spoiled???!!!!! LOL  But, the fish just came out of the freezer a couple of minutes ago, so I think I’ll just pop it in the refrigerator and eat it tomorrow.

Well, I guess that’s what days off are for when you are on a “working retirement”!  You can change your mind on what’s for dinner and head out the door to get it! LOL

I’m off to KFC!

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