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Not much new happening yet…

But, the van and trailer have now made their “maiden voyage”! Yesterday after getting help from my grandsons the trailer received a lot more of what worldly goods I still have to my name. It will take me a while to find all of it in here, but that’s to be expected since I have so many lovely storage drawers and cupboards and I was sort of jamming it all in just to find room in the van for a couple of people to actually sit! LOL

DS (dear son) and DDIL (dear daughter-in-law) showed me what all is involved in disconnecting from the “stick house” world and making the “mobile world” become a reality. Not real hard, but I sure do need to make myself a checklist so I can remember things like putting my little house step up before driving off!! I forgot, but thankfully DDIL didn’t!

DS drove us down their “pitched” gravel driveway (had me holding my breath, let me tell you!) to the county road below and on into Twin Bridges which is about 7 miles from their house. Everything ran like a dream! The van didn’t seem to mind one little bit that she had something hooked to her like a very fancy pack horse, she just cruised along without a care on her mind.

I got to see DS back up and pull around, etc. so I could see how the van and trailer respond to each movement….. But, when it came time for me to actually think about driving, I turned “chicken”! LOL I will do better, I promise! DS wanted to see how the van would react to some small but steady uphill pulling, so he had headed us back down the road towards Dillon, which is actually about 20 miles south of Twin Bridges. Would have been a good place for me to actually do some driving, but I got a bad case of jitters, so he went ahead and drove. Van didn’t overheat or find the pulling at all different than when we had been out on the flats!!!!!!!!!! And, she didn’t even protest when we hauled back up that driveway of theirs. The van has front wheel drive, so the trailer does make her nose sit up a bit in the air, but she dug those tires in and pulled like a true champion. Slow but steady and we made it up that grade and then I learned how to unhitch and get set up once again to sleep in my little house on wheels. Imagine my delight, if you can, when I opened the door and stuff didn’t come crashing out at me! I might not know where all I put stuff in here yesterday, but at least it will still be in place when I go looking for it again! LOL

If the weather starts cooperating a bit better, it’s possible I will be making my first real rving trip this next weekend. The “kids” had to get some odds and ends of work done on their fifth wheel, so it will be ready for pick up in Bozeman on Saturday. DS thought it might be a good idea to combine retrieval of their trailer with an overnight camp out of both rigs. Sounds like a plan to me! I can drive at least part of the time and still have a knowledgeable passenger with me as DDIL will ride along and use their walkie-talkies to stay in contact with DS if we can’t figure something out on our own.

Will keep you posted if that trip happens!! These spring snows, short and sweet as they have been do still have a bad habit of changing a person’s plans!


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My Journey Has Begun

My journey has begun, even if in only a small way. I’ve moved out of the apartment in Kalispell, MT. after reducing my worldly goods to a fraction of what I thought I needed to live with. I’ve gotten to Dillon and met my lovely new home, all 19′ of her! While I admire her and pat her just to make sure she isn’t just a dream, I look back over the past several months which have lead me to where I am now.

Sept. 2007 – my son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandsons departed Mt. in their lovely new 35′ fifth wheel Jayco trailer from for the east coast and any other places they might decide to travel, taking my heart with them. I so wanted to be able to climb in the truck with them that I ached, though I tried hard to hide it from them. This was not the time for grandma to get too emotional, because spoiling their dream trip was not going to happen!

Imagine my surprise a couple of weeks later when my son called to ask me if I had ever thought of going on the road myself! The answer may have stunned him, though I’m not too certain he didn’t already know it in his heart. A resounding “Yes” flew out of my mouth, and into the ears of two people I love most in the world, my son and his dearest wife. She was only inches from the phone and between them they had all kinds of info to use in persuading me to consider a life on the road. Of course, since I popped up with that “yes” so quickly, their “arguments” of persuasion really weren’t needed as such. They instead became the means of showing me just how we would make this happen.

We talked and we talked over the next few months, always looking for the perfect little home for me through the Internet and by phone. From trips to rv dealers and back again to the Internet, the day finally arrived, in Jan. 2008 when my son called to say they had found it! And found it they did, just a matter of miles from their home. They sent pictures, and I dreamed and planned on making this work, but if hadn’t been for DS and DDIL I wouldn’t be here already. Bless their loving and generous hearts, cause they truly are making this dream come true!

It’s now almost the end of March and I’ve lived in my little house on wheels for three nights (sitting in their yard) while we get me savvy with the ways of rv’ing. Of course, I’ve already had one experience I hope not to repeat… I ran out of propane in the wee hours of this morning… Gets rather cold when the heat doesn’t work and you don’t know the first thing about changing from one tank to the other yet! lol At least it does in Dillon where the temps have been in the “teens” at night. When I finally couldn’t stand it any longer, I dragged my quilt and pillow inside and curled up on the couch after being spoiled by my grandsons who were just heading off to school. One got me coffee, another got the tank switched over, and the third one helped me get comfy in the recliner I planned on using for a nap, the couch turned out to be more napping comfy.

Little things like that will continue to happen, I know only too well, but at least I have some awesome teachers to help me learn how to deal with them! I had better learn, because I’ll be taking off on my own for northern California in a few weeks, where I’ll be working in an rv resort for the summer!

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